Within the FOREX market, the currency traded is constantly growing against another, which means that one currency will always be weaker against another. This means there is a chance to purchase or sell your way into the market.

With around USD 4 trillion transactions on the market daily, The FOREX market has the most excellent liquidity anywhere in the world. This means one can purchase virtually any currency in massive quantities when it is in operation. The FOREX market is generally available 5/24, 5 every day from Monday through Friday. Trading starts at the time of opening trading across Australia, Asia, Europe following, then in the USA until the market closes.


FOREX can be described as an interbank exchange market that was created in 1971 as the global economy began to shift between fixed rates of exchange and floating rates. It’s a grouping of transactions by FOREX market agents that involves the trade of funds between two countries using currency units executed at a fixed exchange price. The exchange rate utilized for these transactions depends on demand and supply patterns.

CFD Crypto

What is Cryptocurrency? Is it the 21st century’s unicorn or the money that will be the currency of tomorrow?

The term “crypto-currency” refers to a method of exchange created and stored electronically as part of a blockchain, employing encryption methods to control the generation of money units and confirm transactions.

In simple terms, it is an online database with limited entries that can’t be changed without meeting specific specifications. The database holds information on balances, accounts, and transactions. Moving currency between accounts in exchange is only possible when the appropriate conditions are met. A confirmation entry is then entered into the database.