Trading at the speed of your choice using the Avenva Trader


You can trade anytime, anywhere, and from any device iPhone and Android devices.

Enhance your strategies for trading by conducting thousands of tests using the latest Avenva Trader and gain more trading experience

Superfast execution using high-end servers across multiple co-location centers.

Institutional-quality apps and performance indicators give a more significant trading experience.

Avenva Markets Avenva Trader

Avenva Trader is among the most widely used trading platforms around the globe for traders who want to trade using customized indicators and Expert Advisors that are automated. Avenva Traderr allows AvenvaMarkets customers to trade on a AvenvaMarkets hosted Avenva Trader platform.

Download the fully operational Avenva Traderr application on any device, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. Start Forex Trading anytime and any time.

Are you already using Avenva Trader with an alternative broker? Making the switch to AvenvaMarkets is a lot easier. After all, time is money.


Trading at the speed of your choice using the Avenva Trader


Multi-Chart Capability

AvenvaMarkets Avenva Trader allows traders to open multiple charts simultaneously and provides real-time information, offering the capability to stream live the most recent market movements. Create custom watch lists with drag and drop capabilities that allow you to easily add the most important market segments to watch lists. The extensive charting program comes with more than 50 built-in indicators, customized indicators, and more.

Trade Micro-lots with AvenvaMarkets

Avenva Trader traders generally use standard lots or mini-lots – a tenth of the size of standard lots – with which to trade. AvenvaMarkets Avenva Trader offers traders the use of micro-lots – a tenth of the size of mini-lots – which allow you to change in smaller increments and can help to limit overall exposure and instances of over-leveraging.

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