Economic Calendar

Our online FX Calendar shows you all the important economic events in the future. All information is automatically updated when the event data becomes available, and this will provide you with important information that may affect your trading. The FX Calendar also includes historical information and the effects of economic events on the market.

FX Calendar

The FX Calendar shows you a list of all scheduled economic events that will take place on any given date. To view more information about a specific event, click on it. You can make better trading decisions if you use the FX Calendar. The remaining time until upcoming events are displayed, while events that have occurred are marked with a tick. Each event’s expected volatility is displayed on a scale from low to high. It also includes the consensus and previous percentages.

Currency Converter

There are no requirements that traders trade currencies in specific ways, which is up to them. A forex broker allows anyone to open an account and become a trader. The most significant influence on how exchange rate determination is made comes from the brokerages and banks with the most important online assets. However, these houses are guided by some basic guidelines.

This currency calculator allows you to find out how much you’ll receive in foreign currency if you have your own. Enter the exchange rate and the amount you wish to exchange the money. The link will allow you to search for the exact rate if it is not known.

Market Heat Map

The Currencies Heat Map displays major currencies’ relative strength relative to other currencies. The data is organized into 20 currency pairs and color-coded to give a clear Forex market overview.

Forex traders often overlook the entire Forex market by focusing only on one pair and timeframe. So, you can buy GBPUSD thinking that the USD will fall, but you might be wrong if the USD is rising against currencies. The Currencies Heatmap can be added to traders’ trading tools, allowing them to filter trading signals, confirm the analysis, and trade with greater confidence.

Fund Trading Account

AvenvaMarkets Traders room is arranged with several reliable payment options to ensure safe and secure transactions.
Since we offer a variety of payment methods, clients can choose the most suitable choice for their preference.


Each client is a distinct E-wallet, considered the intermediary between money and trading. It can efficiently handle many different transactions, including MT5 transactions to E-wallet and vice versa—internal E-wallet transactions, IB commissions, and E-wallet, etc.

Open Demo Account

Customers can sign up for an account with a demo account risk-free through the Traders room and deposit the amount they need to trade on their demo account.

Open Live Account

Clients can open various Live accounts in the Trading Room, like Basic Standard or Premium.

Multi-Level IB

To ensure that the rebate module is appropriate and commissioned, we’ve created hierarchies of IBs for this feature. With the help of the referral link, clients can effectively manage referral networks.