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AvenvaMarkets, a Global internet brokerage and investment firm, is located in Virginia. We adhere to corporate values and build strong relationships. We want to provide the best possible trading and learning experience. This is why we continue to offer you valuable recommendations based on forecasts that cover all levels of accounts as well as trading hours.

We believe in total transparency and a growth-oriented strategy to keep innovation coming. Forex trading is made more accessible when you allow us guidance. You can also be sure of data innovation security. We will help you to be a better trading merchant and increase your confidence to expand your business.

Funds Safety

for Clients

AvenvaMarkets Limited serves more than 5000 clients around the world. We strictly adhere to the regulations and emphasize our clients’ funds’ safety and security. Our primary concern is the protection of their investments and our clients. All our clients can trust us to provide a reliable and safe trading environment.


International Regulation

AvenvaMarkets Limited is regulated and approved by the International Financial Commission Honduras. Those around the world are in their bank accounts as their funds are held separately. This provides real comfort.

Segregated Funds

The client funds are kept separate from the company’s operational funds and high-tier EU banks. AvenvaMarkets Limited won’t use Customer funds for its investment or operations, assuring their protection.

Bank Partnership

AvenvaMarkets has formed partnerships with many banks. For more information, please visit our Deposits & Withdrawals page.

Safe & Secure

AvenvaMarkets uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to ensure a secure connection with all clients. It also protects customers during transactions with the company. All customer information is kept private.

Server authentication policies and user identification ensure the data is sent to the correct customer terminal.

Data transmissions are encrypted to prevent data theft or unauthorized access by third parties.

Data integrity is essential. All data must be transmitted unchanged.


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